Excited and stressed horses do not usually choose to drink; as a veterinary surgeon and rider I usually find that this is when their fluid needs are at their highest, i.e., after strenuous exercise such as hunting or eventing; during long work such as endurance or long pleasure rides; after surgery, either under sedation or general anaesthetic; during and after recovery from colic of almost all causes; during any management change i.e., staying at shows or sales; low grade exercise in extremely hot weather. Encouraging drinking during these periods can be frustrating and failure to achieve reasonable hydration status during periods of increased need can have severe health consequences. I was introduced to Horse Quencher by endurance rider Lucinda Stapleton as a product that could truly “make horses drink! I personally use it for my hunters before the long journey home, they would always refuse fluid before and then drink huge quantities at home; all surgical patients are introduced to it before surgery so that they will actively drink afterwards reducing the “bunging” effect of surgery as fluid intake increases gut motility; for colic patients especially those with colonic impactions where one of the classic problems is their refusal to drink. This product can truly help in those situations where horses need fluid but for whatever reason will not drink.

David Scott, Senior Partner, Isle Veterinary Practice, Ely, Cambridgeshire

We use Horse Quencher when new horses arrive at the farm from trainers for rehabilitation or holidays. Horses that go to the sales to be sold, or those who are purchased from the sales, may spend time at the farm. We use Horse Quencher when horses have undergone surgery and return to us from hospital. At these times the horses can be unsettled for a few days, often going off their food and water. Horse Quencher has been excellent in helping to reduce the risk of impaction colic, a very costly and distressing condition. Horse Quencher is easy to prepare and the sachets are handy for using when travelling for one or two horses. The larger jars work out more economical for the larger yards with more horses. The hydration of horses when travelling can be overlooked and Horse Quencher will assist those who reduce their fluid intake while being transported nationally and internationally. In a nutshell Horse Quencher has helped whenever the horses have a change of routine, or environment, when moving from trainers to the farm, for pre-and-post sales, for travelling and while recovering from injury and confined to the box.

Dennis O’Brien, Assistant Manager Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum’s Shadwell Stud, Norfolk

We recommend Horse Quencher in our equine practice. When we get a really cold snap we will have several horses with colic. The normal cause of colic after a cold snap is an impaction. This may be because the horse has been confined and has eaten a large amount of straw bedding. Another cause can be that the horse does not drink enough. Horse Quencher is a new, very useful product, it is ideal to help your horse to drink enough in cold weather.

Graham Duncanson, Westover Veterinary Centre Large Animal and Equine Unit

A couple of eagerly awaited sachets turned up in the post today and I couldn’t wait to try them out. It was P who thought he’d take a look first (hardly surprising the gannet) and it was very comical, as expected. He thought it was a tub of food and when he realised it wasn’t, went to walk away. However, obviously getting a waft – he did such a real ’double take’ before proceeding to lick it (a lot!) before dunking his nose right in! Toki downed it almost in one. Looks like we won’t be leaving home without Horse Quencher tucked into our travel bag!

Cate Altan

Horse Quencher is simply a brilliant addition to any endurance rider’s equipment. Bull has always avoided drinking for 25-30kms no matter what concoctions we offered him but since using Horse Quencher, he simply cannot resist and will drink whenever it is offered. I believe this has effectively kept everything so much more in balance, he has finished even strenuous events looking fresh and without any loss of condition, and therefore it has been so much easier to go on to the next competition with confidence and conviction!

Thay Stephenson

I tried five horses on Horse Quencher and all of them loved it. They are drinking whenever the HQ is offered which is brilliant in this hot weather or when travelling them as before it has always been difficult to ensure that they are rehydrated at the end of a long day. Two of my dressage horses loved all of the flavours but my husband’s horse, Major, definitely preferred the butterscotch to all the others and as he is about to go to a big competition, we were keen to stock up on this flavour for him as he rarely drinks when travelling or at shows. It has made a big difference to them all.

Sarah Jane Prew

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t ’do’ extras and gimmicks, but Elaphine Murphy, owned and bred by Sally Fuller Lewis, refuses to drink whilst on the horse box. I have known Murphy since he was an ’egg’ (!) and he has never drunk when away. I have resorted to taking apples with me so that he just gets something. We competed in the newly introduced Mountain and Moorland WHP classes at the Suffolk County Show 2010 and in the sweltering heat we won our class and went Champion! Back at the lorry Murphy, as usual, wouldn’t drink and I had forgotten to take any apples. I had been given a sachet of Horse Quencher which had sat at the bottom of the cupboard for ages and felt this was the moment to try it, although with very little expectation. However, Murphy lapped at the water like a dog and then proceeded to drink half a bucket!! We all stood very still in case we put him off! But he was well away and 10 minutes later drank another half a bucket! I was then fighting the dog, Ugly, off the water as well! So I didn’t have to go home straight home or try and find an apple stall at the show! I will never go to a show now without a tub of Horse Quencher on the lorry and Murphy will be able to cope with the heat, although I may still take some apples if he is going to win!

Julia Spacey, Mountain and Moorland Judge and Competitor

At first I was rather sceptical about a product that says it will make your horse drink, but I tried it doing all the things the instructions said, i.e., letting the contents ‘marinade’ in the water for 10 minutes in a light-coloured bucket. I tried all my 7 horses, 4 drank it straight away and 3 slobbered and had a lick. One horse couldn’t get enough of it! I then thought I would test it to the limit, using it at an event. I was amazed at how well it worked. We were only competing one horse and he was the one who had only slobbered at the first attempt. But after XC he drank at least a gallon. So I think it’s fantastic as horses lose so much sweat, it’s so important to keep them hydrated, especially during the summer events. 5*!!

Alice Pearson, Eventer

Urlando (Tucker) is a Dutch warmblood working at PSG level and with GP talent, but he has always failed to drink (or pee) at a show and this became a real problem last year at the Addington Summer Regionals resulting in a serious dip in energy levels. We stabled away, and despite my best efforts, Tucker did little more than splash about in his water buckets, and as it was about 80 degrees, he became very dehydrated. He performed an adequate test but way below his usual ability. He is normally a very forward going and energetic horse so to have him feeling lethargic and flat was not good, and he was obviously distressed. He was quite a poorly chap by the time he got home and took several weeks to fully recover. I read about your wonderful product on a website. I followed the instructions to the letter and Tucker dived straight in and downed the lot. Brilliant! I now use the product every day after exercise so that he looks forward to it as his treat and at a show this Saturday – our first attempt at Advanced – which he won – he drank both before (just a few mouthfuls) and after, the rest of the bucket. It is an enormous relief to know that I can now avoid the problems of last summer and am looking forward to heading onward and upward with him having already qualified for this year’s Summer Regionals at Advanced Medium. He even pee-ed in the lorry when no one was looking, which is a first! It’s a great product and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Olly Barrs

I used your product with my younger horse at home, with much success as he has never taken any water when at a competition previously. After introducing him to Horse Quencher, by putting some in his water bucket at home the night before a show, he then drank freely and enthusiastically on the horsebox at the show, which was a successful first for him and makes me very pleased, as dehydration can cause such loss of performance, quite apart from being bad for health. I shall continue to use Horse Quencher with this horse, and if you want to quote me on that on your website, please do.

Debby Lush

I look after a couple of Eventers as well as keeping our own two hairy munchkin natives at home and with the freezing weather, I had been paying extra special attention to the TBs – ensuring they were suited and booted on turnout, fed more succulents, cut back on the whizzy hard feed and of course, I fed the ponies extra hay, knowing they would need the fibre and the extra grub for warmth, obsessively cleared frozen troughs and carted buckets of warm water from the house – and made sure everyone had even more than their usual winter succulents with hard feed. Then just last week our adored native pony, Hopi, had an impaction colic. This is a pony who is never sick or sorry and in fourteen years has not once been under the weather. Hopi showed text book signs of colic and I called the vet. Over the next 24 hours I had to have two visits, two lots of stomach tubing and mega pain killers – poor pony suffered much indignity. I honestly thought I was going to have to say goodbye to him. I believed I had been such a good horse owner, doing all the right things in the frozen weather. When I said this to the vet, he reiterated how important it was to keep him hydrated, that this was classic cold weather colic brought on by a change in feed, no grass, lack of fluid. By day two Hopi was perky and eating bran ’soup’ but it was snowing again, the yard thermometer registered -5 and I was completely paranoid we’d be back at square one within the night. So I tried everything I could think of to get him to drink more: warm water sugared water, molassed water, honey in warm water, apple juice, organic apple juice from the farm shop ….. nope, pony wouldn’t drink more than a few sips. I texted my friend Sandy Thwaites who told me about Horse Quencher so I checked the website and as soon as I could get the car out I went to our local feedstore* to buy a tub. In spite of my husband telling me it was just another whacky horse product and wouldn’t work, waste of money, some silly alternative blah blah blah. I wasn’t honestly convinced myself, but thought I’d just have to give it a go and, well, what the heck, the pony might at least take a few inquisitive sips. Lucinda, I could not believe my eyes. I went out to Hopi with my half a bucket, mixed as advised, and that pony stuck his nose in and downed the lot (then played with all the bits at the bottom and dribbled them all over my jacket. I’m sure he was smiling.) I was gobsmacked. Sandy will tell you – I rang her from the field screeching with excitement, lost for words and my husband? He had to eat his proverbial hat! Maybe you should do some serious ads while this weather is giving us such grief – especially following the H&H piece about these colics. Our pony was lucky but I wouldn’t wish our 24 hour anguish on anyone. I don’t know what else I can say but ’wow’ and thank you…. and if any of the above rambling is of use, I’d be more than happy for you to make of my words what you may.

Jan Warran-Smith