Why Horse Quencher?

Hydrating a horse has two separate but equal parts that work in concert with one another. Horses need water and they need electrolytes. Horse Quencher handles the water part, getting horses to drink up. If you think your horse is low on electrolytes, add those as well: Horse Quencher and electrolytes work great together.

However, be aware that electrolytes by themselves or with not enough water on board can be toxic. Read more here.

Why Horse Quencher


What is the shelf life of Horse Quencher?
We recommend that you use the contents within one year after opening. Storing in a cool, dry place increases the shelf life.

How often can I use Horse Quencher?
Whilst we encourage people to use Horse Quencher on a regular basis, the product is not designed as a daily regime but simply as a way of getting your horse/pony to drink in situations where you find it difficult. Having said that, some of our customers do use Horse Quencher every day to help maintain their horses' hydration.

I have a Laminitic Horse, can I use Horse Quencher?
The sugar content in Horse Quencher is negligible. We have many customers whose horses & ponies have laminitis but we always tell our customers to check with their veterinarian first for the best advice. The molasses content of Horse Quencher is 12%.

Why is there no Serving Scoop in my 25-Serving Pouch?
Unfortunately we are no longer being issued with scoops by our parent company and we are advising everyone to simply use a handful of Horse Quencher per bucket of water.

Can I use Horse Quencher in the stable?

Horse Quencher can be left in the stable besides your horse's normal drinking water. You might want to ensure the HQ bucket cannot be tipped over as some horses (& ponies in particular!) try to get to the grains at the bottom of the bucket without drinking first to get to them! We also suggest that if horses are stabled, to put a bucket of plain water and HQ water. We have been told anecdotally that once horses have drunk Horse Quencher, they often then drink more plain water, it's as if the product teaches them the need to drink again.

Should I mix Horse Quencher in warm water or cold?
We recommend warm water in the winter, especially on cold winter mornings. Otherwise cool water is fine.

All of my horses LOVE Horse Quencher but I have one horse that just won't try it, what can I do?

We strongly recommend that you introduce Horse Quencher at home, in a calm environment so that when you try the product at an event, where things can be a bit frantic, your horse is used to the product, has identified its favourite flavour, and we have found results are improved.

We also suggest you try both flavours. Many horses have a real preference. The vast majority prefer the apple however we have many customers whose horses like the mint too.

Hold the bucket of HQ water at waist-height, scooping the grains up in your hand and offering them to your horse, which will encourage him to drink, especially at an event where a horse doesn't want to hide its head in a bucket on the ground.

Offer HQ to your horse in the company of another horse, again at waist-height. Like children, jealousy can be a wonderful motivator to get horses to try the product for the first time. If you have another horse/pony sharing your horse's HQ bucket that likes it, chances are it will encourage your horse to stick his nose in and try too.

Try double dosing the quantity of Horse Quencher you add to the water, usually the stronger the HQ, the more delicious the experience for your horse.